„Am Trauma wachsen“ — meine Quellen

Hier, wie angekündigt, die wichtigsten Quellen meines Artikel über posttraumatisches Wachstum:

Stephen Joseph: What Doesn’t Kill Us: The new psychology of posttraumatic growth, 2012
Lawrence G. Calhoun, Richard G. Tedeschi: Posttraumatic Growth in Clinical Practice, 2013 (lt. Verlag), 2012 (lt. Amazon)

Links zu Artikeln und Berichten

Stephen Joseph, Website:
Stephen Joseph, What doesn’t kill us…
PTG-Forschungsgruppe von Calhoun und Tedeschi
Stacey Kramer, The best gift I ever survived (TED Talk)

Übrige Quellen
Lawrence G. Calhoun und Richard G. Tedeschi, The Foundations of Posttraumatic Growth: New Considerations (pdf)
Sharon Dekel et al., Posttraumatic Growth and Posttraumatic Distress: A Longitudinal Study (pdf)
Suzanne C. Danhauer et al., Predictors of posttraumatic growth in women with breast cancer
Pressemitteilung dazu: New Study Shows Positive Personal Growth Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Suzanne C. Danhauer et al., A Longitudinal Investigation of Posttraumatic Growth in Adult Patients Undergoing Treatment for Acute Leukemia
Lina Jansen et al., Benefit finding and post-traumatic growth in long-term colorectal cancer survivors: prevalence, determinants, and associations with quality of life
Ryan P. Kilmer et al., Use of the Revised Posttraumatic Growth Inventory for Children
Myerson, DA … Ryan P. Kilmer, Posttraumatic growth among children and adolescents: a systematic review
Stacey Kramer, How A Rare Disease Was The Most Unexpected Gift I Received
Tzipi Weiss, To Hell and Back With Gifts
„Nothing compares to that terrible day“: Zeebrugge ferry disaster survivor still haunted by tragic events after 25 years
Johan Siqveland et al., Posttraumatic Growth in Parents After a Natural Disaster
Despite trauma, those who care for stroke patients regard experience positively
Kristin A. Loiselle et al., Posttraumatic Growth Associated With a Relative’s Serious Illness
Camille B. Wortman, Posttraumatic Growth: Progress and Problems (pdf)
Mapham, A. & Hefferon, K. (2012). “I used to be an Offender- now I’m a Defender”: Positive psychology approaches in the facilitation of Posttraumatic Growth in offenders (pdf)
Hirschorn, S. & Hefferon, K. (2013). Leaving it all Behind to Travel: Venturing uncertainty as a means to personal growth and authenticity (pdf)
Zoellner T., Maercker A., Posttraumatic growth in clinical psychology – a critical review and introduction of a two component model
Website von Kate Hefferon
Website von Ryan P. Kilmer