Meldungen der Woche (11)

Hier wie üblich meine Hinweise auf einige Meldungen, die Sie interessieren könnten:

For People with Diabetes, Aggressive Blood Pressure Goals May Not Help,

Some “Healthy” Vegetable Oils May Actually Increase Risk of Heart Disease,

Literacy Depends on Nurture, Not Nature, UB Education Professor Says,

Analysis: Population ageing: the timebomb that isn’t? „The extent, speed, and effect of population ageing have all been exaggerated and we should not assume that it will strain health and social care systems, argue researchers on … Jeroen Spijker and John MacInnes from the University of Edinburgh say … that the numbers of dependent older people in the UK and other countries have actually been falling in recent years“,

Kleine Vorabstudie zeigt: Fast jeder Patient schluckt zu viele Pillen.