Meldungen der Woche (9)

Hier wie üblich die Forschung, die ich in der vergangenen Woche spannend fand (dieses Mal nicht sehr viel):

Distracted driving: Voice-activated systems and drivers’ reaction times,

Moderate Exercise Not Only Treats, but Prevents Depression,

Unpublished trial data “violates an ethical obligation” to study participants, say researchers. „Almost one in three (29%) large clinical trials remain unpublished five years after completion. And of these, 78% have no results publicly available, finds a study published on today. This means that an estimated 250,000 people have been exposed to the risks of trial participation without the societal benefits that accompany the dissemination of their results, say the authors.“ Was man nicht wissen kann, da ja die Daten fehlen: Sind darunter vielleicht v. a. Studien mit unerwünschtem Ausgang? Interessant wäre auch, die Zahlen für Deutschland zu haben,

Exercise programmes could help to prevent fall injuries in older people. Nicht besonders neu, aber wichtig.